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Vintage Ludwig Drums

September 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Vintage Ludwig Drums is a rare vintage piece of equipment. It has a special unique sound that many other drums don’t have. Vintage Ludwig Drums are my personal favourite. This Ludwig Drum is extraordinary, it can take you to a dimension like nothing before. Past or Present.

Vintage Ludwig,  most famous name in drums. It’s headed in the history of drums. I would say it established in 1920. This must really be vintage. It has a concise history in music.

Vintage Ludwig Drums executes its sound in extreme fashion, a rare vintage sound. It displays both visual and sound that represents a Vintage Ludwig.

What’s so special about it? well everything is to be certain. Everything about the drum is special to me. It  creates a sensitive feeling in me and is unique in every way.

I think this is a must have for someone who is really determined, serious and a drum lover to learn Vintage Ludwig.

Its special in every way. You have to be some person to use one of these sexy Vintage Ludwig Drums.

Ludwig Drum image